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Willow Lake Métis Nation to work with Axxcelus Capital Advisory

Willow Lake Métis Nation to work with Axxcelus Capital Advisory
Willow Lake Métis Nation to work with Axxcelus Capital Advisory

Willow Lake Métis Nation to work with Axxcelus Capital Advisory

May 5, 2022 (Treaty No. 8 Territory) – Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN) has selected Axxcelus Capital Advisory as its exclusive financial advisor to source, evaluate, structure, and finance major asset opportunities on behalf of the community.

Willow Lake Métis Nation’s partnership with Axxcelus is a supportive, collaborative relationship based on shared values. WLMN is crystallizing opportunities to build a prosperous future of a self-governing Nation, providing opportunity for employment, generational capacity, and land to restore historical ecosystems.

“We’re here today providing generational opportunities and a sustainable future for our community through our engagement with Axxcelus,” explains Justin Bourque, CEO of Willow Lake Métis Nation. “Axxcelus expands our capacity to understand and participate in major asset ownership for our community with a focus on generational wealth. We share a clear alignment of values and beliefs – Axxcelus speaks our language.”

“Successful relationships can only be built on the pillars of trust and alignment of values. We deeply believe in the vision of WLMN and are thrilled to assist them along this journey,” says Paul Poscente, CEO of Axxcelus Capital Advisory. “Combining their vision and our expertise, we translate these values into opportunities that help deliver meaningful results for the community.”

The partnership is already working towards several projects, including community-building and land purchases.

About Willow Lake Métis Nation

Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN) is a Métis community whose citizens now mostly reside in the community of Anzac, Alberta. WLMN's roots lie in the history of the fur trade in Alberta and the economic and political circumstances that evolved during and after the fur trade. The historical Willow Lake community was close to trade and travel routes that connected Fort McMurray and Willow Lake to Lac La Loche to the east, to Fort Chipewyan to the north, and to Lac La Biche to the south. Willow Lake Métis people lived on and derived their livelihood from the lands between these locations through much of the later fur trade period, and WLMN people continue to use these lands to exercise their Indigenous rights, sustain their culture and identity as Métis people, support their community, and pass their knowledge and way of life on to their descendants. Key Métis family lines represented in the WLMN community include Bourque, Cardinal, Huppie, Lavallee, McKenzie, Quintal, and Whitford.

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